Coarse Old BBall Player Talks About His Nuts Hanging Out Of His Shorts

There aren’t many like Dexter “Water” Johnson. But the old Georgia high school basketball star from the 1970s ran into a guy at the gym and started showing him some old photos from Water’s playing days. The resulting video the guy shot of Water will have you laughing until your sides hurt. The video also doubles as a reminder why short shorts are all but done in the NBA these days.

Just watch this video and revel in “the baddest motherf**ker that ever came around,” Water Johnson, as he sermonizes about his big beautiful nuts. Also, though we’re not sure they want the endorsement, Dexter said his balls would have been safer in Point 3‘s shorts with the towel attached.

Caution, VERY NSFW with language and yes, Water’s “big beautiful” testicle.

But why do they call him “Water?” According to Dexter, “Because my jumper is so goddamn WET…F**K YOU!” Water isn’t messing around, either. Back in 1972, he led Gannon HS to their first ever Georgia State Championship Finals where they lost to Calhoun County (probably because Water couldn’t keep his nuts from flailing around).

Thanks to the good people at BroBible for bringing this to our attention.

(video via KangJames12; WaterJohnson.com)

What do you think of Water?

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