Cole Anthony Drilled A Game-Winner Against The Grizzlies Then Gave A Wonderful Postgame Interview

The Orlando Magic knocked off the Memphis Grizzlies, 112-111, thanks to a monster night by Cole Anthony capped off with maybe the best postgame interview we’ve seen this year. Anthony, the rookie guard out of North Carolina, scored a game-high 26 points with eight rebounds, six assists, and three steals in 36 minutes of work.

His biggest bucket came at the very end of the game. Orlando found itself down by two with seven seconds left, and after inbounding the ball, Anthony got it right back and went to work. He got Kyle Anderson on a switch, and despite being smothered, got off a jumper that went through the cylinder with 0.01 seconds left on the clock.

As you can guess, Memphis was not able to do much of anything in that final tenth of a second, giving the Magic their second win in three games. And shortly after, Anthony went on TV to do the following things: 1. Say he was bred to come through in big moments, 2. Nearly swear on air because Markelle Fultz poured water on his head, 3. Emphatically say the word “yeah” a few times and, 4. Make clear that when he got the switch with Anderson, he believed “it’s game time.”

Anthony has been a bright spot for the Magic over the last month or so, scoring in double-digits in 12 consecutive games and looking like an important member of their core going forward. Here’s to hoping he keeps hitting big shots, because his postgame interviews are terrific.