This Player Failed Miserably As He Tried To Dunk Over A Pancake Mascot

Maybe it’s because Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon spoiled us back in February, but I almost forgot how a dunk contest can go bad in a hurry. Unfortunately the College Slam Dunk Contest reminded us all with a thud on Thursday night.

Mississippi State’s Craig Sword gave the “jump over a mascot” attempt a nice college try and, well, it didn’t go so well. He tried the first time and sort of nicked the Denny’s Pancake that he chose as his victim. The next couple of tries were even worse. Eventually, he smacked the guy in the pancake suit pretty hard, sending the mascot to the ground. The pancake was a good sport about the whole thing, hopping up each time for a retry, but Sword never quite got to the rim.

If you’re going to try to serve up some breakfast, don’t forget to bring the jam.