Conan O’Brien Tapped Crying Jordan And Shrunken-Head Shaq To Try To Dunk For Him

It’s tough to expect people in vision-obstructing costumes to dunk, but it does make for good late-night comedy.

Conan O’Brien tapped into a bit of internet culture for a sketch in honor of the NCAA Tournament. O’Brien set up a basketball hoop and a trampoline to let some lesser-known mascots attempt a dunk on his show Wednesday. After a few jokes about Apple earbuds and crying Hillary Clinton supporters, CoCo brings out a Crying Jordan meme to make an attempt at the rim.

It didn’t go well.

Everyone loves the crying Michael Jordan meme,” Conan says. “If anyone can do this it’s the crying Michael Jordan meme!”

Sadly, the meme fell flat on its face. He failed to even get a shot off.

The Crying Jordan meme has stood the test of time as one of our greatest memes. Long established with an origin story and a supposed peak, it’s still in use in occasionally brilliant ways. I’m not sure strapping a piece of posterboard on a guy’s face and letting try a trampoline dunk counts as “brilliant” here, but I did laugh when the dunker inevitably failed and actually put their face through the meme.

Conan even brought back Shrunken-Head Shaq to make a pair of dunk attempts, but no mascot could even reach the rim.

Even with two shots, the vision-impaired person in the Shaq costume failed to reach the rum.

The game was admittedly rigged, as it looks like the trampoline was a bit too far away for any mascot to get a good run and jump at the hoop, even if they were a bit more… unencumbered.

My personal favorite, however, was the meatball sample lady from Costco. There’s something really funny about meatballs flying everywhere while a lady with a table strapped to her. That’s good stuff right there.

As far as Crying Jordan, there still remains one final question: will it float?