Is This The Worst No-Call In NBA History?

It’s easy for us to sit on the sidelines or at home and judge the men and women who attempt to sift through sports and accurately spot every infraction on the field, court or ice. Critiquing the zebras is part of being a sports fan. Sometimes you’re going to curse them, throw things in disgust, or even cry conspiracy. This happens in all sports, but the often subjective nature of NBA basketball tends to cause the most passionate amount of fan disgust, and never is this more apparent than with a traveling call.

Part of this is how misunderstood the NBA rules are on traveling, and part of this is the often infuriating way traveling violations are called in NBA games, with stars generally getting the benefit of the doubt while role players are forced to adhere to the most stringent interpretation of nebulous guidelines.

But Corey Brewer is no star, and on the play above from December of 2014, Brewer committed perhaps the most egregious traveling violation in NBA history.

Even the loosest interpretation of traveling and palming the basketball in the NBA rulebook can’t account for the four steps Brewer takes after he gathers the ball. But then again, it looks like he takes six steps because of just how long that gather took him.

Is this the worst NBA call ever simply because there was no call at all?