Could Andrew Wiggins Start In The NBA Right Now? We Debate

How young is too young? Well, we’ve had 43-year-old presidents. Justin Bieber was an annoying sensation at 15, and Freddy Adu signed a professional deal at 14. Just two years ago, a 15-year-old girl named Lexi Thompson quit school to play on the LPGA Tour and yet, no one seemed to give a shit. Only in basketball do the fake mothers and fathers come out of hiding to preach on how they’d raise their young sons. Only in basketball do kids turning pro get scolded for jumping at the money or chasing their dream. Dime challenged the ruling in the past, giving this fact: if you jump from high school to the NBA, you have over a 70 percent chance of making it as (at least) a solid rotational player. We’d take those odds.

Andrew Wiggins doesn’t worry about making the jump, because, as you know, he’s not allowed to. Sure, he’s probably the best perimeter prospect since some cat from Ohio back in the early 2000s, but regardless, jumping from his Huntington Prep lineup to the best league in the world isn’t going to happen.

Despite that, his coach there says college is a waste of time for the 6-7 (or 6-8, depending on who you talk to) Wiggins. Rob Fulford also told The Kentucky Kernel he thinks his swingman could “start for an NBA team tomorrow.”

Wiggins might reclassify to the class of 2013 and basically skip a year of high school to hit college basketball earlier, but the leap to the NBA (and remember, we’re speaking in imaginary terms since David Stern is no fun) requires a few things: phenomenal athleticism, a skill level that’s off the charts, and if you want to fit in, a minimum of five tattoos (we’ll let Wiggins slide on this one).

Starting a high school kid in the NBA, even if it’s just for one game, sounds asinine. But at least for the best high school player in Canada/America, it forces you to stop and think.

Could Wiggins start in the NBA right now? We argue. You decide.

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I’ll admit I was kind of backed into this position by our other writers. I’m the guy who laughed off the Kentucky vs. NBA debate because it was incredibly stupid. The ‘Cats would get skinned by an NBA team.