Court-Side Video Shows Kobe Calling Dwight “Soft As A MotherF***ER”

After the on-court fracas between Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant led to an exchange of words, the “Inside the NBA” co-hosts tried reading their lips to see what they were saying. Kobe’s back-handed comments after the game probably didn’t squash any of th ongoing animosty between the two former teammates, but now a fan has posted a court-side video from the game where you can clearly hear Kobe calling Dwight “Soft as a mother****er.”

Here’s the video from S. Sami (WARNING: audio is NSFW, so turn your computer/phone’s audio down if you’re at the office).

We’ve gone over Kobe and Dwight’s relationship ad nauseam, so lets focus on the videographer of this bit of unfiltered Kobe.

Judging from S. Sami’s extensive tweeting about Kobe, he’s a big fan, and Kobe’s bench-side smack Tuesday night only confirmed his appreciation. Sami also played Kobe in a game of H-O-R-S-E, so it’s clear he’s #TeamMamba.

He’s also got a pretty extensive collection of celebrity sightings among his Instagram pictures and he celebrated his freakin’ birthday with Oprah, which probably means he’s way more famous than we’ll ever be (thank God).

What do you think?

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