Craig Sager Will Return To TNT On March 5th, And He’ll Be Working March Madness

Craig Sager is coming back, for good! After battling Leukemia like his famous suits battled a bland interview subject, Craig Sager’s son announced his Pops will return to the sidelines for the Thunder-Bulls game on March 5th, and he’ll also be around for March Madness coverage that same month. We’re so happy the man with more swag than Swaggy P is finally coming back to where he belongs: the basketball hardwood.

After making his return to TNT during the All-Star Game, it was only a matter of time before we saw the technicolor sideline man back in action on a more permanent basis.

Plus, he’s bringing back the bracket tie for March Madness.

The “Inside the NBA” crew wasn’t the same without him. Benny the Bull misses him, and even his long-time foil is relishing the chance to again chop it up on the sidelines.

Adjust your TV’s color levels appropriately.