Craigslist Ad Asks For Paul George’s “Missing” Talent

04.08.14 5 years ago

We’ve covered Indiana’s breakdown at length over the last few months. Their defense fell off the map. Paul George went from potential MVP to overrated first option. Roy Hibbert can’t get a rebound and is calling out his “selfish” teammates. It’s so bad that an April Fools’ story–which really was supposed to be a ridiculous joke–was real enough that some media members took it seriously. At this point, Pacer fans have had enough.

Courtesy of @MySportsLegion, an Indiana fan recently took to Craigslist asking any and all to help find Paul George’s missing game before the playoffs start. The fan’s checked sweat shops, strip clubs, Moron Mountain and even Tune Land. As he points out, the All-Star’s jump shot has been missing since December.

A funny situation masking a long-standing problem. PG hasn’t been right for a few months, yet it didn’t come to the surface until the Pacers finally self-combusted. If Indiana falls apart in the playoffs, there’s really no reason at all to watch the Eastern Conference, so let’s hope someone comes through and finds George’s jumper.

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What is going on in Indiana?

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