This Kid Got Crossed Up So Badly That He Slid Five Feet On Concrete

Basketball can be a cruel game. Any mistake can be exploited by an opponent in such a way that you end up looking awful. If you jump too early to contest a shot, for instance, you’re going to commit a foul – stuff like that.

The most humbling thing that can happen to a person, though, is when they lean too far in one direction on defense and get caught with a killer crossover. That’s what happened with this kid: he kept going to the right even though his opponent stopped going in that direction.

This ended up leading to one of the most devastating crossovers that we have ever seen. Even though this person tried to stop his momentum, his shoes slid on the concrete, which led to him sliding onto the ground. He helplessly watched as his opponent took a wide open jump shot, which of course they made, because you have to hit the shot after you do that to another person.

The good news for this kid is that even Michael Jordan got crossed up during his career, so this happens to everyone at one time or another. The bad news is that he can probably never show his face on the basketball court again, because this was rough.

(h/t SB Nation)