Move Over Crying Jordan, Crying LeBron Is The New Meme GOAT Of The Sports World

Kevin Love, LeBron James, Matthew Dellavedova
Getty Image

Cleveland’s Game 7 win over the 73-9 Warriors gave the city its first major championship in 52 years, and may have spawned a meme that will last as long as their championship drought.

As the final horn blared to mark the Cavaliers champions, LeBron James collapsed to the floor, crying. He was then lifted to the floor by his teammates, where he embraced Kevin Love, sobbing. A picture was taken, and history was made.

The commenters cried out into the night for a meme, and the internet delivered. Oh, the internet delivered. Crying LeBron is now very much a thing. But it’s important to note that the internet has rules for Crying LeBron, even if not everyone is playing along.

Crying Jordan is now meant for moments of disappointment, but Crying LeBron is meant for moments of joy. We’ll see how long that sticks. (And it doesn’t make sense anyway since Jordan was crying at his Hall-of-Fame induction.) Either way, behold: Crying LeBron.

This one could be the best of them all. Completely meta. Worlds collide when Crying Lebron and Crying Jordan embrace.

The transformation from Crying Jordan into Crying LeBron plays out like an old Lon Chaney Wolfman scene.