Listen To Damian Lillard AKA Dame DOLLA’s New Track ‘Tell Me Why’

07.28.15 4 years ago


“Why love a life that ain’t lovin’ you back / Why I’m successful with the rock and feel I was destined to rap.”

That’s a question a lot of would-be basketball-players-turned-rappers have asked themselves over the years, but when Damian Lillard indulges in that type of introspection on his new track “Tell Me Why” (over the Jadakiss beat “Why”), it’s not just a rhetorical question. Dame DOLLA has been on fire that past few weeks with “Full Stomach” and “Soldier in the Game,” and continues to stake his claim as probably the best NBA player ever to pick up a mic.

Lillard channels a lot of frustrations into his rhymes, and he has plenty to feel frustrated about lately. Not only did he lose fellow All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge in free agency; he lost three other starters and has suddenly found himself locked into a rebuilding team for the next five years (although that $120 million contract should make his predicament a little more palatable).

Being doubted is another running theme in his music, and if his recent comments about playing for Team USA (or more likely not playing) are any indication, it’s just another way for him – to use his own words – to add fuel to the fire.

(via SoundCloud)

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