Damian Lillard Is On Pace To Break Steph Curry’s 3-Point Record, But Steph Is Set To Shatter It

We’re five or six games into the 2015-16 NBA season, depending on which team you follow, and already we’re seeing prominent writers lose their sh*t on Twitter as overreactions to the first week and a half of competition turn the inevitable void of 140 characters into an ugly referendum on patience and prescience. If you’re following along at home, the Warriors will win the title, they’ll go 82-0 and Stephen Curry will finish the season with a PER hovering near 50. Such is the bait of small sample sizes.

But this one is semi-interesting at least. With LaMarcus Aldridge gone in Portland, the leadership reins have been passed to Damian Lillard, and he’s not passing them back. (Go ahead and make the easy joke, you hack.)

Dame has dashed the popular belief the Blazers might toil in the Western Conference basement after his Trail Blazers throttled the Memphis Grizzlies in TNT’s late game Thursday night, 116-95. Lillard finished with a game-high 27 points in the win, including an ungodly 7-of-11 from behind the three-point arc.

The big night beyond the 3-point line gave Dame 23 three-pointers through six games. That’s on pace for more than 314 three-pointers in an 82-game regular season. The NBA record — set by Steph Curry last year — is 286 for a single season. So, um, Dame is doing pretty good to open his fourth campaign.

However, Steph is basically turning water to win(e), or whatever other blasphemous religious metaphor you wanna use. The Old Testament is old and the New Testament might have the wrong guy walking on water. (Shhhhh, he can worship whomever he wants, we’ll worship wet jump shots.)

Through five games, Steph has 28 three-pointers, which is — approximately — a whole bunch of three-pointers. So what’s his pace-adjusted total over an 82-game regular season? Over 459 three-pointers!

Basketball’s chaotic movements tap into that reptilian part of your brain that wants to kill, eat and fornicate. So it’s only natural Steph’s shooting is his superego clamping down on those base urges while providing order to the universe.

Yeah, we don’t know what the hell we’re talking about, either.

Whatever, God might be dead, but Steph is very much alive.

(h/t reddit)