Danilo Gallinari’s Ginobili-Like Whip-Pass Went Terribly And Hilariously Awry

After multiple injury-plagued seasons, Denver Nuggets forward and recent Mohawk enthusiast Danilo Gallinari is hoping for a bounce-back season in 2015-2016. Against the Minnesota Timberwolves Friday night, Gallo got a little too eager with this Manu-Ginobili-esque, one-handed whip-pass that went sailing straight into the tenth row.

He was obviously feeling pretty good about himself after this successful nutmeg earlier in the game that eventually somehow led to a wild 360 layup courtesy of Gary Harris.

It’s admirable that Gallinari is trying to work on his passing game early in the season, but he might he want to try to reign it in just a tad next time. To counteract his one turnover for the night, he had just one successful assist, to go along with 10 points on 4-of-13 shooting, including 0-of-3 from distance. He was a game-worst minus-25 in just over 33 minutes of action as the Nuggets fell to the Wolves 95-78.

For Minnesota, it was another tremendous showing for No. 1 pick Karl-Anthony Towns, who put up 28 points, 14 rebounds, four blocks and two assists. Fellow rookie Emmanuel Mudiay scored 15 points for Denver but struggled shooting the ball (5-of-15 from the field) and dished out just two assists. On Saturday, the Timberwolves will attend a memorial service for Flip Saunders, who passed away last week after a battle with cancer.