Danny Ainge Says The Celtics Are Similar To Jurassic Park

03.30.12 6 years ago

Despite going 13-5 since the much-needed All-Star Break, no one is really talking about the Celtics. Except for Danny Ainge. Ainge has had an odd run as Boston’s President of Basketball Operations. He’s been in New England for nine years now, and for much of his first three, Bostonians lamented his obsession with youth, potential and the future at the expense of the present. Eventually, he swung for the fences, connected on two trades in one summer that changed everything, and suddenly looked like a genius in a suit. Ainge has never shied away from making a move, and now with the Celtics on the edge, he has to choose again: the future… or the present?

Ainge joined KFNZ in Salt Lake City recently to talk about the Celtics’ prospects, and at one point said this: “We’ve been up and down. We’ve had a lot of injuries and we just haven’t been as consistent as we would like. Some nights we’re very, very good and there are some nights where we look like we are Jurassic Park.”

All true. Kevin Garnett has been incredible lately; in his last five games, his numbers look a little familiar: 49 percent shooting, 18.6 points, 7.4 rebounds, 4.2 assists, 1.2 blocks and 1.0 steals a night. Yet we know at 35 years of age, and with probably thousands of after-the-whistle jumps wearing down his knees, he can’t bring it every night. Same thing for Ray Allen. Even Paul Pierce can’t hold off the youngn’ns on every back-to-back. So maybe in a sense these old men are dinosaurs.

Garnett could be Thecodontosaurus, known for its long and slender neck. Jesus, Hypacrosaurus, because it was known for being so in-tune with itself that it could alter its own body temperature. I looked all over for a dinosaur that could fake its own death, but sadly couldn’t come up with one for Paul Pierce.

Even if the Celtics win a playoff series – which is looking like an increasing possibility because the Sixers are intent on blowing the No. 4 seed to instead face Miami in the first round – they could drop over $31 million this summer by simply letting Jesus and Garnett walk. KG says he wants to come back. But I’m guessing Ainge and the rest of the front office is done with this movie.

If I were Celtics fans, I’d pay a visit to Jurassic Park before they shut it down for good.

Can you match the Celtic players to their respective dinosaurs?

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