Darren Collison Takes To Twitter To Refute A Report He ‘Wants Out’ Of Sacramento

Darren Collison
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Silly season is here again!

With the trade deadline nearly 24 hours away, rumors about potential deals are running rampant throughout the league. While most of those supposed discussions hinge on team ambitions and desires, it’s no secret that player happiness can facilitate moves, too. The Sacramento Kings and Ben McLemore, for instance, are supposedly working together to find a trade for the talented, inconsistent shooting guard.

Basketball is a team game first and foremost. Chemistry matters. The Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs are ultra-talented, but their locker rooms are also notoriously close-knit. It’s no coincidence the Western Conference powers are basketball’s two best teams. Their unique blend of physical ability and mental cohesion is extremely rare, and an amalgam for which every franchise strives – even the aforementioned Kings.

If Darren Collison is actually unhappy in Sacramento are accurate, basically, Vlade Divac should look to deal his team’s backup point guard before tomorrow afternoon. There’s just one problem, though: The 28 year old insists those reports are inaccurate.

After HoopsHype quoted Basketball Insiders’ Alex Kennedy as saying he “wants out” of California’s capital, Collison took to Twitter and refuted that claim.

It’s deadline time, remember? Don’t believe everything you watch on television, hear on the radio, or read on the Internet. Unless trades are confirmed by the typical list of well-connected league insiders, it’s best to exercise caution at this time of year – as this scenario makes abundantly clear.

After catching wind of Collison’s tweet, Kennedy said he didn’t even report the story as it was aggregated by HoopsHype.

We’re not privy to Kennedy’s words verbatim, but it also doesn’t really matter.

Unverified reports will continue dominating headlines and basketball twitter until the trade deadline finally passes tomorrow afternoon. Until then, be sure to take every league-related whisper – of literally any variety – with a grain of salt.