Daveed Diggs On Working With ESPN, ‘Hamilton,’ And What The Warriors Mean To Oakland


Daveed Diggs is not afraid to try something new. The “multi-hyphenate” has starred on stage in Hamilton, appeared on television in Black-Ish and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and created music for decades.

Diggs is working with ESPN to create six different pieces of music this season, the first of which coincides with the Golden State Warriors title defense on opening night of the NBA season. Diggs is a huge Warriors fan and Oakland native, so the collaboration was an obvious one for the actor.

He chatted with us about the Warriors and what they mean to The Bay, his experience working on various projects, and the differences between art in the Obama and Trump presidencies.

Uproxx: How did you get involved with ESPN? Did they come to you and say they wanted to work with you?

Daveed Diggs: Yeah, This was maybe a year and change ago, me and Leslie Odom, Jr. did something for the ESPN Upfront in New York. We wrote a song and performed it at the UpFront and it was super fun. It was an interesting experience and I really enjoyed that collaboration. And then ESPN had been sort of approaching me for a while and we’ve been trying to figure out what a thing is that I could do kind of consistently with them and this was sort of what we landed on.

Your first project starts with the Warriors, which is a team you’re very familiar with. What was the collaboration process like for this?