Did The Knicks Use David Blatt As A ‘Smokescreen’ When They Only Wanted Kurt Rambis?

David Blatt is likely looking to get back into the NBA as a head coach after being fired from Cleveland midseason. With jobs like Brooklyn, Phoenix, Minnesota, and Washington already filled, there aren’t that many gigs left for Blatt. But one job that does remain open is the New York Knicks, and the former Cavs coach had his name mentioned as a potential candidate.

However, according to New York reporter Peter Vecsey, Blatt’s candidacy is a farce. The Knicks were only using his name to shroud their real No. 1 option, which they’ve already hired; that’s right, interim coach, Kurt Rambis is their real choice, much to the chagrin of informed Knicks fans.

If Vecsey’s report is to be believed, this is certainly a strange move by Phil Jackson. If the Knicks really want to hire Rambis, why not just make it official and stop the speculation?

I’m sure Blatt doesn’t love his name being thrown around when he’s not even being seriously considered, and Rambis probably would appreciate it as well if they just officially offered him the job. Unless Jackson has some darkhorse candidate in mind — we already know Luke Walton isn’t interested.

If Vecsey’s report is true, it would benefit all parties involved to stop playing games and just make the announcement that Rambis will coach the Knicks next season.