The Sports World Reacts To David Letterman’s Last Show With An Outpouring Of Memories And Goodbyes

david letterman
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David Letterman always had a special connection to the sports world. As ESPN’s Keith Olbermann said, “If David Letterman did a sports show, he’d get the rest of us canceled or fired.”

Over the years, The Late Show featured numerous players, coaches, wrestlers, reporters, commissioners, owners, agents… a virtual who’s who of the sports world from guys like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant to Letterman’s hometown hero, Peyton Manning.

In fact, it was Manning who earned a special spot on the finale’s Top 10 with comedic icons like Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Murray.

To give you an idea of Letterman’s place in sports, take a look at all the goodbyes and memories bestowed upon him ahead of, and during, the finale:

New York Yankees

New York Mets

Michelle Beadle

Lindsey Vonn

Vince McMahon


The Seattle Seahawks

Carmelo Anthony

Sacramento Kings

Rece Davis

Rachel Nichols

Melanie Collins



Mick Foley

Amar’e Stoudemire

Indiana Pacers


Boston Red Sox

Brutus the Buckeye

Seth Davis

New England Patriots

Jarrett Payton

(Son of Walter Payton)

Alexi Lalas

Keith Olbermann

Shaun White

Denver Broncos

Pittsburgh Steelers

Martin Brodeur

New York Knicks

Brian Kelly

Reggie Miller


Rich Eisen

Adam Schefter

And, of course, Darren Rovell had to ruin it and talk about money.