David Robinson Gave Us A Look Inside What Makes The Spurs’ Culture So Unique

03.16.18 1 year ago

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For some retired NBA players, the transition to civilian life can lead to a serious existential crisis. As it turns out, life after basketball comes with all sorts of uncertainties: How to fill all that free time, how to redirect that competitive fire, and, if you were smart about your money, how to wisely invest some of that considerable wealth you amassed during your career.

If you’re looking for a model of how to do it, there are few better examples than Spurs legend David Robinson. The Hall of Fame center has been on a mission since he hung up his sneakers in 2003. The first thing he did was go back to school to earn his business degree, and since then he’s built dozens of schools for underprivileged kids around Texas. Robinson also started a private equity firm to help fund the schools and various other philanthropic endeavors.

The two-time NBA Champion also owns a small stake in the franchise where he spent his entire NBA career, which allows him to stay abreast of all the inter-organizational machinations. We caught up with The Admiral earlier this week to talk about his partnership with Dove Men+Plus Care for March Madness, the state of the Spurs and the situation with Kawhi Leonard, his vision for taking the Carver Academy global, lasting memories of the Dream Team, and much more.

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