David West On KG Blowing In His Ear: “I Didn’t Like It…Lance’s Was More Sensual”

12.28.14 3 years ago

Kevin Garnett, David West

David West could laugh after the game because his Pacers defeated the Nets, 110-85 on Saturday night. But during the contest, he experienced some “aggressive” face blowing courtesy of Kevin Garnett. The antic backfired, though, with West scoring 15 of his 17 points in the second half — when the Pacers outscored the Nets 60-38.

Here’s KG stunting in the first quarter with his team up, 13-8:

West’s retaliatory shove earned him a technical with KG only earning the ire of another NBA player and the respect of pests everywhere.

When West was asked about the blow after the blowout, he quickly realized the parallels with his former teammate Lance Stephenson, who famously blew in LeBron James‘ ear in the Eastern Conference Finals last season — a display Drake lampooned at the ESPY awards.

Per Candace Buckner of the Indianapolis Star, comes West’s erudite (he’s incredibly smart) differentiation between the two instances of air blowing:

“Yeah, I didn’t like that,” West said. “I just know it was too close and I didn’t like it. I don’t really play them games. We’re out there to play basketball so let’s play basketball. Everybody was kinda looking at what made me push him or whatever, (I) told ’em, ‘he blew in my face.'”

Then, recognizing the absurdity of the Lance-like moment, West began to smile.

“An aggressive blow at that,” West described. “I think Lance’s was more sensual. That was an aggressive one.”

Priceless, and totally apt. Lance wasn’t blowing in LeBron’s face, like KG did last night, he was coquettishly blowing in his ear.

(video via TheBrooklynGame)

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