David West Is Reportedly Taking Pennies To Chase A Ring With The Warriors

david west, stephen curry
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The rich get richer. No, we’re not talking about David West‘s reported new contract with the Golden State Warriors. That’s worth the veteran’s minimum. We’re talking about the already monolithic Warriors, who just staged the biggest free agency coup in recent memory by snagging Kevin Durant, and who are also apparently adding the aforementioned West to their ridiculously-stacked lineup for mere peanuts on the dollar.

West famously took a huge salary cut, somewhere in the neighborhood of $11 million, to sign with the Spurs last summer. Even though that didn’t end the way he expected, the old-school big man has no regrets. In fact, that small, short-term contract is precisely what’s allowing him to continue his championship quest with the Warriors next season.

It’s unclear exactly how much playing time he’ll be afforded, given Golden State’s penchant for small ball, but the departure of center Andrew Bogut, and the presumed exit of Festus Ezeli, should open up a few opportunities for the 36-year-old forward.

He probably won’t ever be the consistent contributor he was during his heyday in Indiana, but there’s little doubt the Warriors could find a way to benefit from his toughness and ability to punish defenders in the paint. Golden State should steal a page from the Spurs and figure out a way to make him a meaningful part of their rotation, however modest that might be.