Here’s DeAndre Jordan Swatting The Daylights Out Of Manu Ginobili

Despite Doc Rivers’ best and most annoying efforts, DeAndre Jordan will more than likely not win Defensive Player of the Year. There are too many superior candidates, and the evidence is too damning to really consider Jordan a serious contender.

All that being said, it is still so much fun to watch Jordan swat other people’s shots into oblivion. Tonight, Jordan claimed Manu Ginobili as his latest victim, exploding from almost the other side of the basket, reaching up with his pterodactyl arms and sending Ginobili’s shot to the stone age.

Enough can’t be said of Jordan’s improvement as a defender, both in terms of skill and awareness. Again, he’s not the Defensive Player of the Year, but to go from a player who would leap at any shot, even if it was on the way down, to one who displays great patience and timing, is worthy of praise.

Also worthy of praise: Jordan’s reaction after the block, imploring the crowd to get their you-know-whats up. This is the playoffs, after all, and Jordan’s going to make sure everyone in the building, not just everyone on the court, is engaged.

The Clippers lead the Spurs 54-49 midway through the third quarter.