Ewww: DeAndre Jordan Wiped His Boogers On J.J. Redick In This Gross Videobomb

This was a videobomb we might see in a first-grade classroom. While J.J. Redick was talking to Kristina Pink after scoring 23 points in LA’s 99-92 win over the Hornets, DeAndre Jordan can be seen in the background picking his nose.

DJ’s not just picking his nose, but grubbing into both nostrils like he’s scratching any itchy medulla. After he’s selected a booger big enough, Jordan then wiped it on Redick’s jersey.

Jordan is a fan of the videobomb, but after annoying Jamal Crawford with some post-game crooning, now he’s wiping this boogie on an obviously displeased Redick.

We’re guessing he’s persona non grata when a Clippers player is getting interviewed after a game; although, coach Doc Rivers still loves him.