DeMar DeRozan Fended Off A Home Invader Who Was Looking For Kylie Jenner’s House

DeMar DeRozan has never won the NBA’s Defensive Player of The Year award, but maybe he should after he had to defend his house from a home invasion last November.

The Spurs guard was staying in his Los Angeles home when he heard a noise in a different part of his house. When he went to investigate he found an intruder and managed to chase them off. The invader was later arrested by local police and according to TMZ claimed he was not trying to break into DeRozan’s home but was instead looking for Kylie Jenner’s. An odd thing to admit when you’re being arrested, but I guess at that point you don’t have much else to lose.

DeRozan spoke about the incident while meeting with the media on Saturday and he shrugged off the situation, via ESPN.

“I grew up in Compton, California,” DeRozan said Saturday. “I’ve been through worse.”

Thankfully it sounds like nobody was seriously hurt in the invasion and we’re hopeful that everyone is okay from a mental standpoint as well. Home invasions are a very real fear and can have lasting effects. With DeRozan making light of the situation we can be hopeful that he’s not too hung up on the incident.