DeMarcus Cousins Calls Out Fox Sports Writer Who Predicted He’d Get Arrested

01.30.15 4 years ago 7 Comments

We were all set to write about the comeuppance of Fox Sports’ Clay Travis…until we saw some of the messages he’s been retweeting. Five years ago, to the day, Travis sent a tweet out predicting that DeMarcus Cousins would get arrested in five year’s time. He finished the prediction up by saying, it’s “set in stone.” Cousins reminded Travis of his tweet today, and Clay handled it well. Then the Twittersphere’s dark underbelly decided to rear it’s ugly head and now we just feel sorry for humanity.

The tweet Travis wrote five years ago is just one reason why we hate what Twitter produces on occasion. It gives some carte blanche to give in to their baser instincts. Like this morbid tweet by Travis.

Boogie has a good memory* and reminded Travis of the tweet today, on its five-year anniversary:

Today's the day!! Let's all show him some love!! @ClayTravisBGID

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While Clay’s initial tweet was horribly misguided, he owned up to it, apologized and promised to donate $5K to the charity of Boogie’s choice as a way of making amends.

But then, enraged Cousins fans (and we can’t think of anyone who loves him more than Dime) decided to attack Travis over Twitter, with Clay retweeting the more offensive mentions. Some of these tweets are so malicious as to make us feel sorry for Clay, which is the opposite of how we felt after seeing his tweet from five years ago. Be warned, the language and imagery in the below tweets is decidedly NSFW and has the capacity to turn even the most bubbly and convivial person into a misanthrope:

We’re not squeamish of language (sticks and stones and all), and we were thoroughly upset at Travis’ tweet just like anyone with half a brain. A teenage Cousins deserved so much better than that sort of nonsense. But Boogie handled damning insult on his character with grace, and Clay was obviously contrite. Then the rest of the world butted in with all it’s ugliness, and now we just want to go take a nap and forget this whole thing happened.

*All Star voters and coaches should be advised, even if Boogie replaced Kobe:

Did Clay Travis deserve this sort of backlash?

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