The Real Reason DeMarcus Cousins Looked So Bewildered After Playing Kevin Durant And The Warriors

10.07.16 2 years ago

It’s no longer a hypothetical nightmare. Kevin Durant is actually a bona-fide, for-real member of the Golden State Warriors, and apparently this cosmic factoid is finally sinking in. This video, originally courtesy of ESPN writer and Bay Area resident Ethan Sherwood Strauss, reveals a grumpy DeMarcus Cousins shaking his head and walking away as Kevin Durant holds court with a gaggle of fawning reporters.

The accompanying caption, “DeMarcus Cousins still can’t believe Kevin Durant is on the Warriors,” caused the video to make the internet rounds Friday morning. Classic Boogie Cousins! Looks like yet another example of sour grapes from basketball’s most mercurial star.

But actually, no. Here’s an extended video that appears to have been taken slightly before the last.

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