UPDATE: DeMarcus Cousins R&B Album Was Early April Fools Day Prank

UPDATE: DeMarcus Cousins will not release an R&B album under the moniker, “Boogie Smooth.” It turns out the whole thing was a ruse in anticipation of tomorrow’s April Fools Day. But April Fools can’t come early, so it’s really just a lie perpetuated by Cousins and the Kings.


Cousins, for his part, made some jokes at Shaq‘s expense (Shaq is a minority owner of the Kings) when the revelations about the joke came out. But it seemed to delight him, so how mad can anyone really get?




People on the Internet seem really excited about Kings center DeMarcus Cousins today. Not because he’s one of the most talented big men in the NBA, averaging 22.1 points and 11.6 rebounds in 32.1 minutes per game this season with a top 10 PER (25.8 is No. 6 in the league), but because he’s preparing to release an R&B album called Misunderstood, under the moniker, “Boogie Smooth.”

You read that right. Boogie posted the below image to IG with the caption:

“Coming soon…click link in my bio to hear sneak peak of my new single feat the homie @chancetherapper off my R&B album #BoogieSmooth”

So, not only is Boogie releasing an R&B album, but he’s already lined up a pretty well known emcee, Chance (you should listen to Acid Rap, one of our favorite mixtapes from 2013). There are also rumors Rick Ross will make an appearance on the album.

But if you check out some of this footage of Boogie Smooth crooning while playing the piano, it won’t seem that crazy (we lie, it’s still crazy, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Boogie had some skills).

Do you think Boogie Smooth’s “Misunderstood” will be any good?

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