Did DeMarcus Cousins Take Another Shot At George Karl In This Interview?

At this point, it’s probably easier to count each time DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t take a (perceived) shot at Sacramento Kings head coach George Karl.

Cousins is no stranger to taking on Karl, directly or indirectly, via sound bite or on social media. Their not-so-private feud has been a long time brewing and the general feeling is one of them will be gone sooner or later. (Of the two, Karl is clearly on thinner ice.) But now Cousins is apparently defending teammate Seth Curry, who got a rare start against the Dallas Mavericks over the weekend.

So, why is Cousins interrupting an interview to tell Curry he’s going to be in the league for “a long time?” One can connect the dots here, stemming from Karl’s comments about Curry this month. The money quote, courtesy of Sactown Royalty, is as follows:

“But he’s going to be around for a couple years. He’s definitely going to have a few more years of someone; I think we have him for one more year. I think he has a tenacity to him and a good basketball feel to him. Now he’s just got to be confident and consistent.”

Here’s the clip again, with Steph Curry’s seal of approval:

It’s also worth pointing out [Seth] Curry apparently sent out a “snake in the grass” tweet similar to Boogie’s from last year. The tweet no longer exists, but thank God for the Internet and its quick trigger response:

By now, it’s becoming safe to assume the Kings are preparing for a full-on mutiny.

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