DeMarcus Cousins Won’t Let Isaiah Thomas Shake Chris Paul’s Hand After Last-Second Loss

Despite teaming up to score 45 points combined, Kings point guard Isaiah Thomas and franchise center DeMarcus Cousins weren’t on the same page when it came to giving dap to their opponents following their one-point loss to the Clippers today. As Zeke went to shake Chris Paul‘s hand, Boogie pulled him towards the locker-room.

Watch as Cousins pulls Zeke away from Paul a couple different times before walking off. NBA players never used to shake hands after games, and a lot of purists think it’s bad for competition now that there’s a brotherhood among players, regardless of the team they play for.

We doubt this is why Boogie pulled Zeke away from CP3. Cousins had just missed a game-winning shot and was pissed off. He wanted his teammate to be equally pissed off, too, and that meant walking back to the locker-room without any of them shaking hands. The look on Paul’s face once he realizes what’s going on is priceless.


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