A Movie About Dennis Rodman’s Legendary Bender, ’48 Hours In Vegas,’ Is In The Works

There were a number of stories told during The Last Dance that offered fascinating tidbits of new information to already legendary stories about the 1998 Chicago Bulls, but few were better than the recounting of Dennis Rodman’s disappearance to Las Vegas for 48 hours, which culminated in Michael Jordan barging into his room to drag him out of bed with Carmen Electra.

Rodman’s wild weekend in Vegas got about five minutes of discussion during The Last Dance, but we are going to be getting much more on it soon, courtesy of a new movie that has been picked up by Lionsgate and Lord Miller called 48 Hours In Vegas, per Variety — with Rodman on board to consult. The movie will give Rodman’s weekend bender a feature film treatment, which will surely produce a wild, over-the-top movie as they’ll be free to embellish and lean into the absurdity of Rodman’s excursion to the desert.

“Dennis refused to follow the herd,” Lord and Miller said in a statement. “That is what made him a target and it’s also what made him a star. His weekend in Las Vegas is full of fun and hijinks but it is also full of important questions about the way public figures and workers are treated, especially when their individuality is expressed so vividly.”

There are no actors attached to the film yet, as the screenplay is still being written by Jordan VanDina, but how they cast the movie will be interesting. Finding someone who can play The Worm won’t be easy, but it’s a role that will certainly provide someone with a lot of interesting choices to make.