Michael Porter Jr. Fell All The Way To Denver With The No. 14 Pick

06.21.18 1 year ago

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Missouri prospect Michael Porter Jr. has turned out to be one of the biggest enigmas of the 2018 NBA Draft. There’s been a great deal of speculation and conjecture surrounding him in recent days regarding the question of just how wary teams might be to take a chance on him after a back injury sidelined him for most of his freshman season at Missouri.

Just a year ago, he was widely considered one of, if not the, top pick in this summer’s draft, given his size, shooting touch, and playmaking ability. But sentiment cooled on him significantly in recent days. Still, most mock drafts (including our own) had him going in the top-10, potentially as high as Sacramento at No. 2 if a few things broke right.

But when draft night rolled around on Thursday, the uncertainty was real, and Porter Jr. ended up slipping all the way to the Denver Nuggets with the No. 14 pick.

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