Derrick Rose Is The Realness

Look at the man. Head to toe, he’s dressed in red, black and gray. New sneakers on his feet. They’re calling them the D Rose 3. Cameras are flashing, recorders are playing, the room is buzzing. The lights dim.

The hometown kid. He grew up just a few minutes away. Englewood. Now he’s on stage, and there, in the front row, his momma. The one he calls his best friend, the one who did the chores around the house, and the one who raised him from a boy to a man. His brothers are next to her. The ones who made sure he got to school, did his homework, pushed him on the court.

“I could’ve easily went down that other road like some of the people in my neighborhood,” the man says, “But because of my family, I avoided it.”

Look at the whole damn city on his back. Englewood. Murray Park. Chicago.

In the center of it all is the man, his head bowed, hands across his face. He’s sobbing. Crying.

Finally, someone gets him to talk. He wipes the red out of his eyes, and stammers on.

“It’s truly a blessing. For all of this stuff that is going on… in this city… a kid from Englewood’s got something positive going on… that makes me feel so good… this shoe is great… this is all… this is great… I… I can’t explain this. I can’t.

“We weren’t supposed to be here… at all.”

Everyone knows the story of Derrick Rose, or at least what’s been written so far. But now as he makes the climb back from a freakish knee injury, there’s a new element: a signature line. Rose wasn’t ready for his own signature shoe early in his career. He even admits that. Now he is, and in Chicago earlier today, adidas officially launched Rose’s newest sneaker, the D Rose 3, as well as his first signature apparel line, which includes snapbacks, shirts, hoodies, shorts, socks and sweats. They also showed off Rose’s reflective new logo: rose petals dancing around the number 1.