DeShawn Stevenson’s Crazy Game-Winning Three Is Our First BIG3 Highlight Of The Season

06.25.17 2 years ago

Getty Image

The BIG3 tipped off its inaugural season on Sunday afternoon at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, as the fledgling 3-on-3 league comprised mostly of former NBA veterans hit the court for the first time. The first games of BIG3 action didn’t disappoint, as fans were treated to competitive (although, fairly long) games. We don’t have any highlights from the TV cameras at the games, because those don’t hit the airwaves until Monday night on FS1, but we have some footage from in the arena of the first highlights from the BIG3.

As per the BIG3’s unique rules, games are played without a time limit and are won by the first team that reaches 60, with the caveat that they must win by two. The first two games of the season were both won in dramatic fashion, with Rashard Lewis converting the free throw after an and-1 layup (and failed game-winning effort from Ricky Davis of the Ghost Ballers) to give the 3-Headed Monsters a win in the first game.

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