Devin Booker Wants To Connect With The ‘Suns In 4’ Fella

The Phoenix Suns have won seven straight games dating back to Game 4 of their first round series with the Lakers, polishing off a sweep of the Nuggets on Sunday in Denver to reach their first conference finals since 2006.

The catalysts for the Suns recent run have been their superstar backcourt of Chris Paul and Devin Booker, who combined for 71 points in their series clinching Game 4 win over the Nuggets. It was the culmination of a thorough destruction of a good but undermanned Denver team by a Phoenix squad peaking at the right time with two star guards who recognize when a team’s down and pounce on them. That mentality also extends to the Suns fan base, apparently, as after Game 3 a video of a Suns fan laying a beatdown on a Nuggets fan that tried to fight him in the stands while yelling “Suns in 4” went viral.

That fan became something of a cult hero for the Suns and while fighting in the stands is never good, the Nuggets fan certainly didn’t shower himself in glory with his actions to get that beating (particularly trying to go back at him with a cheap shot and earning more punches to the face). On Monday, Booker put a call out for Suns fans to find the “Suns in 4” guy and get him his contact info so the Phoenix star could, in theory, hook him up with some gear.

Booker wants to show some love to a guy who has quickly become a legend on Suns Twitter, and maybe during this week off, the fellas can link up.