Dime Exclusive: Josh Can’t Dunk

Last week, we told you that despite not initially being chosen for All-Star Saturday Night’s dunk contest, Josh McRoberts wanted a chance to change the committee’s mind. So, along with Pacers teammate Brandon Rush, J-Mac created his own short remix of White Men Can’t Jump to help his campaign efforts. Well, the goods have finally arrived, but the wait on any decision change from the League for McRoberts has only just begun. Check out the final result, “Josh Can’t Dunk,” a product even Billy Hoyle would be proud of.

Now it’s in your collective hands to get McRoberts to L.A. for All-Star Saturday Night – his headquarters have been setup over at joshcantdunk.com – so spread the news. If this is what the kid can come up with in his spare time to get into the dunk contest, think of what he could create if given the chance to actually compete. It’s funny that McRoberts is trying to hustle his way in, and in doing so, is playing a character that essentially depends on the hustle to survive. It’s also dope that he wants to take on everyone’s favorite poster maker Blake Griffin on BG’s home court. Big ups big fella for taking the initiative to make yourself heard.

What do you think? Should the NBA put Josh McRoberts into the dunk contest?

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