Dime NBA Draft Profile: Rhode Island’s Delroy James

After watching the success of the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals, most teams feel as though they know what to look for in this Thursday’s NBA Draft – or are at least optimistic about the future. Some teams, for example the Miami Heat, are looking to add that one missing piece, while other squads need a ton of talent to become competitive again. Leading up the to draft, we will profile some of the top prospects and what they bring to the table, giving you player comparisons, ratings, outside opinions, and much more. Last we had Richmond’s Justin Harper, and after the response to his feature yesterday, we now take a look at Rhode Island forward Delroy James.

Player Comparisons
Ceiling: Stacey Augmon
Basement: Joey Graham
Final Comparison: Jared Dudley

Ratings (on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being overseas talent and 10 being NBA Rookie of the Year)

This is where James is on par with his peers in the NBA Draft. He is not an elite, highlight reel dunking athlete, but he holds his own. James can get up and throw it down, he is explosive and powerful. His speed makes him unique as well because he is deceptive with his dribble and has the burst to get by you. At all times he is a threat to make to make a play with his athleticism, more so on the defensive end.
Grade: 8

His game is predicated on defense and doing a little bit of everything to help his team win. James can be a prescence on defense, his size allows him to guard multiple positions and guard them well. He has a very high motor which always bodes well for a defender and it allows him to clean the glass as well as anyone at his position.
Grade: 6

NBA Readiness
Physically and defensively James is ready, offensively he still needs some polish to his game. His role will be limited, but specific at the next level as a hustle player who defends and rebounds. If he assumes that role he is “ready” and will transition smoothly, if the expectations are higher it will be more difficult. James is built to be a contributer in the shape of Dudley or Augmon, glue men or garbage men who do the little things.
Grade: 7

With James there may be some potential still there, after all he did pick up basketball only seven years ago. Then again he is 25 years old though, that is where the thought of upside is often dismissed. At this point in not only age, but also progression, James is the player he is. Hard work and effort will make him more efficient and effective at what he does best, defend and out work the competition.
Grade: 4

Work ethic. Those are the only two words needed to describe how James has become the player he is today. He has learned through expert advice (Chris Herren and Darryl Smith) how to train and works harder than others to achieve the same things. That work ethic will ensure a long, sustained career and that is something you cannot teach. His high energy style and continued effort to get better define his game.
Grade: 6

Combined Score: 31 out of 50 possible points
James has a lot to bring to the table, but he also has a lot to work on to be and effective NBA player.

Best Fit: Washington Wizards
The best situation for James will be a team that needs help on the wing and a player willing to do the “dirty” work nightly. The Wizards could use his services, his impact would be felt right away on defense and in transition. James is the sleeper of this draft and he knows it, teams are seeing his work ethic in full force and know that they are viewing a prospect that will not be out worked.

Outside Opinions
“I think the biggest thing Delroy brings to any team is his heart and his intensity. He plays hard, he is probably one of the hardest players I have ever seen in terms of his work ethic. I started working with him about three summers ago, I had a kind of Iron Man training where you basically went ten consecutive days and Delroy was one of the guys who was able to make it and last every single day. That was three years ago, every summer we come back and work harder and harder. Expanded his game and increased his shooting range. The biggest thing anyone gets from Delroy is he is his energy, he is an outstanding competitor and he woun’t back down from anyone.” – Darryl Smith, New York area trainer

“James has a knack for being around the ball. He is always making the plays on both ends of the court. He finds a way to get to the basket every time. But he is often out of control, which causes turnovers and bad shots.” – Ryan Feldman, The Hoops Report

Video Evidence

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