Dime NBA Mock Draft 3.0

06.14.11 8 years ago 11 Comments
The NBA Draft Combine was about a month ago, and a whirlwind of changes have since transpired. At the top we are seeing consistency, especially up to Sacramento at pick No. 7, but after that the show begins. With workouts happening daily, chatter at its highest possible magnitude and the rumors swirling left and right, it is time for a new addition of the Dime NBA Mock Draft. This time of year prospects are working their hardest, agents are earning their money and teams are doing their utmost diligence to find the future of their franchise. This is how we see it today:

1. Cleveland (From L.A. Clippers) – Kyrie Irving
6-3, 191 lbs. PG
Duke, Fr.
In a point guard’s league, the Cavaliers are not going to pass on the next potential All-Star at the position. Irving may be the piece that starts the rebirth of a team that so desperately needs it.

2. Minnesota – Derrick Williams
6-9, 249 lbs. SF/PF
Arizona, So.
At the end of the day, Williams may be the most talented player in this draft. He is a combo forward that can dominate at the wing or in the paint.

3. Utah (From New Jersey) – Brandon Knight
6-3, 177 lbs. PG
Kentucky, Fr.
Utah can go in a lot of different ways here, but the potential of Knight fills a need that the Jazz have. He is a very talented scorer and defender who has barely scratched the surface of his ceiling.

4. Cleveland – Enes Kanter
6-11, 259 lbs. C
Kentucky, Fr.
Kanter is the best center in this draft and may even be the best overall player, but his lack of playing time the last few years hurts. His size, rebounding and scoring will be a welcome complement to the No .1 pick Irving.

5. Toronto – Kemba Walker
6-1, 184 lbs. PG
Connecticut, Jr.
The Raptors haven’t had a franchise point guard in their short history since Damon Stoudamire, and with Walker that all changes. Walker is a winner, a competitor and maybe the player the Raptors have been looking for the past 16 years.

6. Washington – Jan Vesely
6-11, 240 lbs. PF/SF
Czech Republic
Some see Vesely as a small forward while other see him as a power forward – in today’s NBA that means he is a versatile athlete. Vesely will be an exciting weapon on the wing and on the break with John Wall in the nation’s capital.

7. Sacramento – Kawhi Leonard
6-7, 227 lbs. SF
San Diego State, So.
The Kings have future and present stars already, they need players like Leonard who are willing and able to do the little things needed to win. Defense, rebounding and hustle are what Leonard excels in, and those qualities would be welcome in Sacramento.

8. Detroit – Bismack Biyombo
6-9, 243 lbs. PF
As of late, Biyombo has not had positive workouts, but every time he is in a 5-on-5 setting he dominates the glass and on defense. He is what he is – a great athlete that can guard anyone, and that sounds like a Piston to us.

9. Charlotte – Jonas Valanciunas
6-10, 230 lbs. PF
If he falls this far, the Bobcats will not hesitate to grab the talented Lithuanian forward. He is a talented rebounder that competes on every play with the best talent in the world, and the best part is that he is only 19 years old.

10. Milwaukee – Alec Burks
6-6, 193 lbs. SG
Colorado, So.
The Bucks need a complementary player for Brandon Jennings in the backcourt to take some pressure off him, and they also need consistent scoring from the wing. With Burks they accomplish both. He is a great scorer and can create his own shot.

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