Dime Q&A: DeMar DeRozan Talks Raptors, NBA Draft & Lockout

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Whether it’s a need to find better shooters, fix their interior defense or figure out who exactly should run the ball club, the Toronto Raptors have their work cut out for them this offseason. Despite all this, the Raptors are optimistic headed in to this year’s NBA Draft, with high hopes of landing a top-five pick that will hopefully change the fortune of their franchise and appease their loyal allegiance. Aside from these draft hopes, one of Toronto’s few bright spots this season was the play of DeMar DeRozan. We caught up with the Compton Kid to talk summer plans, draft picks and consistency with the Raps.

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Dime: What are your plans for the summer?
DeMar DeRozan: For the summer…rest a little bit, hang out with my family a little bit, than back to work. I’m going back to Cali to chill for a little bit, see where it goes from there.

Dime: What’s one thing the Raptors need to build on going into next season?
DD: We showed spurts this season that we can play with the best teams in the NBA. We just got to be consistent with it and just go out there and go at each and every one of our opponents like they are one of the best teams in the NBA. Just stay more consistent, and once we get that down pat, we’ll be alright.

Dime: Heading into the NBA Draft, what players excite you? Who do you think would fit in with your current Raptors squad?
DD: It’s tough to say, but I like Kemba Walker‘s game. I played against him in high school. Just the way he plays, I think he’ll make a major impact in the League using screen and rolls and being able to shoot and break down guards and everything. I like Kyrie Irving too, he’ll definitely be big. But I think there are just a handful of guys though.

Dime: What’s your take on players opting to stay one more year in college instead of declaring this year?
DD: I think it’s good because with the situation that’s going on heading into the summer, we don’t even know what’s going on. I think it’s best for a lot of kids – I’m saying kids like I wasn’t in college, I’m still 21. (laughs). A lot of guys can go back to school and see what happens and it gives them another opportunity to better themselves.

Dime: What are your thoughts on the impending lockout?
DD: Trying not to think about it too much. I hope it don’t last long, but that’s something I’ll think about once the deadline gets closer.

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