Dime Q&A: Jon Diebler’s Honeymoon On Hold For The NBA Draft

06.23.11 7 years ago 2 Comments
Jon Diebler

Jon Diebler (photo. Ohio State Athletics)

The Ohio State Buckeyes have seen their fair share of players leave college early for the NBA Draft during the past few years, but if there was anything consistent on the roster, it had to have been Jon Diebler. Nicknamed 3-bler for his sweet long-range shooting stroke, Diebler used all four years of his college eligibility to set the Buckeye record for career three-pointers made.

Now, Diebler is making his case for an NBA career. But first, he had to get married.

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Dime: I heard that you got married last week. Is that true?
Jon Diebler: That’s true. Got married on Thursday.

Dime: How’d that go? Was it big? Small?
JD: I think we invited 200 people so it wasn’t too big. Had really, really close friends and immediate family and then my teammates and coaches.

Dime: As far as the honeymoon and all that, have you put that off for workouts? What are you doing?
JD: We’re going to honeymoon in July because from what it looks like, there’s going to be a lockout (laughs).

Dime: Who have you worked out for?
JD: I went to New Jersey in May for the group workout. I went to Oklahoma City. I went to the pre-draft combine in Chicago. Went to the Pacers, went to Portland, went to Phoenix, went to Memphis, went to Jersey again and then Chicago, I believe. I think that’s all of them.

Dime: Have you heard anything about where you think you’re going to go or teams that are heavily interested?
JD: I think you just never know what teams are thinking. There’s definitely some teams who really like me, who have some picks in the late second-round. If I were to be drafted I’d be around there … (to) some teams who could best use some three-point shooting. The feedback’s been great. I think I’ve surprised some people with my athleticism and my ability to do things other than just shoot.

Dime: For a guy who’s not a first-round lock, what do you have to do personally in interviews and all that type of thing to stick out amongst whatever number of players are trying to get picked?
JD: I think it’s just showing your character, showing you’re a great person, a guy that can work well with other people. You’re not going to be a hassle to the team, a problem in the locker room. A great teammate. When you talk to teams and they just kind of sit you down, they get to know you a little better. It gives them a better feel for what they’re looking at or the type of person they’re looking at. It’s been fun just trying to show teams that I have a very high basketball IQ. Obviously, shooting is my specialty, but I’m capable of doing other things as well.

Dime: How does the interview process go? Do you talk to GMs, coaches, and what kinds of questions do they ask you? Any weird questions?
JD: I mean, sometimes it’ll be a GM, sometimes a coach, sometimes both. I’ve had a mix of everything. They ask a lot of information on your family background. You know, kind of questions like, “How do you feel you’ll fit in with this team?” “What do you think you can bring to the team?” They give you different scenarios, “How would you handle this?” I haven’t had anything too off the wall, but it’s just a lot of personal questions.

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