Dime Q&A: Kevin Love, Bill Walton Talk Olympics & NBA Finals

06.21.12 7 years ago
We had a chance to check out the launch for the new Samsung Galaxy S III, where Bill Walton and Kevin Love we’re promoting the product. No doubt the new phone was pretty cool, but we’re basketball guys – we came to talk to two of our favorites in Walton and Love.

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Dime: Back in your playing days, you didn’t have anything like the Samsung Galaxy S III to communicate with teammates and coaches. What did you use instead, and what would you have done had you had this kind of technology?
Bill Walton: We had nothing. We had pay phones, and we had rotary phones. I predate the fax machine. I predate overnight delivery. We used to have Western Union Telegrams. We use to play for silver, and now we play for life. That’s what so great about the Galaxy S III. It takes everything we have to the highest level. And when you have the power, the foundation, the platform and the stage, Samsung is able to give a great new product. That’s the kind of thing that changes the world, and that’s what I’m in to.

Dime: When you look back at your playing days, there are probably performances that stand out to you the most. Seeing LeBron playing really well in the Finals, and Russell Westbrook’s Game 3 dominance, how do you think these performances will be perceived in in 10-15 years?
BW: These are very good players, and LeBron is the best one remaining. I’m happy for him, and he’s a fantastic example of what it means to build a life for yourself. Miami has the two best players. Miami has LeBron and Dwyane Wade, and they have both been better than anything Oklahoma City has been able to come up with. And they have been able, Dwyane and LeBron, to pull the team together and define the terms of the conflict. They’re leading the relentless offensive attack, and LeBron provides such a great safety net for when things don’t go right. But right now Miami is in complete control. Oklahoma City, they’ve got to come up with a whole lot more.

Dime: What is it that Oklahoma City is doing wrong in this series?
BW: They’re not playing as a team, they’re not playing smart enough, and they’re not doing what the Galaxy S III does, which is make it a team game, and have an identity, having a style. The beautiful thing about the Galaxy S III is you put it in your hand and it feels perfect, like the ball. What Oklahoma City has to do is sit together and figure out a style and identity that is going to allow them to control their environment.

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