Dime Q&A: Landry Fields On Drake, His New Career In TV, The Raptors & More

05.19.14 5 years ago
Landry Fields is not your average NBA hooper. The dude owns a Stanford Degree, once sold his own jersey in disguise and hosted Jeremy Lin on his couch while NYC erupted into “Linsanity”. While he now resides north of the border, the 6-foot-7 shooting guard has recently added to the resume: musical entertainer.

On May 31, a Saturday, at 8 p.m. ET, Landry Fields will start a new journey on ABC’s “Sing Your Face Off.” The Stanford grad is now part of a new roster that includes himself, comedian Jon Lovitz, Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach, soap opera star Lisa Rinna and talented Disney personality China Anne McClain.

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We caught up with Landry to talk about his new career in television, Drake and his time in Toronto.

Dime: Landry, as a communications major at Stanford — did you ever think you would be on prime time television “singing your face off?”
Landry Fields: Ehh, no. Absolutely not (laughs). I had absolutely no clue that I would ever do anything like this.

Dime: How were you approached about the show and were you surprised when they targeted you to become part of the cast?
LF: My agency hit me up and I think the producers of the show were talking to (my agent) about me possibly being on the show and apparently they found out that I was capable of doing something like this from my Knicks days where a YouTube clip went viral of me singing a little bit. It kind of pushed it in that direction. Then I did a small Skype interview and boom — all of a sudden they told me that I was on the show. That’s kind of how it came to be.

Check out this exclusive video of Landry performing as Lionel Richie on the show:

Dime: How does the “Sing Your Face Off” work and how are each of the performances judged?
LF: Each episode, you dress up as a different “legendary” music icon and then basically you have the full blown makeup, prosthetics, hair, choreography, voice lessons, whole production on stage, background dancers, background singers. Then you perform one the icons songs and you’re judged based on obviously how well you did in the performance (and) how you were able to encompass each artist. And there’s three judges. Two of the judges are there the entire show and then there’s always one guest judge each week- so that’s basically the premise of it. I like to describe it as karaoke on steroids. That’s kind of the basics of it all but I mean, it’s full blown- it’s huge.

Dime: I caught the sneak peak of you doing your best Lionel Richie impression. I even saw you dressed up as Pitbull and Enrique Eglesias. If you could choose one person to imitate on stage, who would it be and why?
LF: Aw man. One!? If I could do it, and I can’t- it’d be more of a fantasy dream type thing, it’d be like Michael Jackson. If I could like borrow his moves for one day and his voice and just give the performance of a lifetime- i’d do that. And the older Michael Jackson. Not the younger Jackson 5 Michael Jackson.

Click for Landry on Drake as global ambassador for the Raps…

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