Dime Q&A: Miles Austin Talks Hoops

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After an intense workout at the Under Armour Charged Cotton Event, we were invited back for some fruit smoothies and Gunnar Peterson-approved snacks. In-between mingling with other writers and being fitted for a UA Performance mouthpiece, I got a chance to meet Miles Austin, Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. In case you didn’t know, before Austin became a football sensation he was a standout basketball player at Garfield High School in New Jersey, earning second-team All-Bergen honors in basketball and tallying 1,028 points for his career. I got up with Miles to discuss Tony Romo, the Nets moving to Brooklyn and being a Laker fan.

Dime: I know you’re a football guy, but are you familiar with us at all?
Miles Austin: Yeah, yeah! We get the magazine sent to our facilities in Dallas. I remember reading the one with Dwight Howard on the cover.

Dime: In high school, you excelled in basketball before you focused solely on football, and I see you dunking the football through the goal posts every now and then. You still play any ball?
MA: No, I’m not a basketball player. Not anymore.

Dime: You don’t play with Romo in any pick-up games?
MA: No not really, but if he needs an extra guy for pick-up games I’ll show up. I’ll go around, shoot some foul shots, but I’m not going to be playing fully.

Dime: Who’s your team?
MA: I’m a Laker fan. I’ve been one my whole life. But you know what; it’s tough though because being in Dallas for the last five years, the allegiance (for the Mavs) starts growing on you. It’s tough because I’ll root for the Lakers and Yankees, but I was born and raised in New Jersey.

Dime: Being from New Jersey, what’s your take on the Nets moving to Brooklyn?
MA: I mean, who knows? They have to make a decision that’s best for the organization. So if that’s the best thing for them, then it’s great for them – but I’m not a Nets fan… but I might be if I end up moving back here some time.

Dime: Who’s your favorite player right now?
MA: Being a Laker fan you got to go with Kobe, got to go with the Black Mamba. But I’m a fan of basketball in general, there are so many guys I like. ‘Melo‘s doing his thing, Derrick [Rose] can shoot the jumper. The NBA is a good thing, each guy has their own distinct part of their game and they all get the job done.

Dime: If you wouldn’t be playing football, what do you think you’d be doing right now?
MA: I’d be teaching history and probably coaching football back in Garfield. I’m a big history guy, I like coaching and I like kids. That’s what I planned on doing when I went to college.

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