The Spurs Lost To The Thunder After One Of The Most Inexplicable No-Calls Ever

The ending of Game 2 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs was wild enough without an absolutely egregious no-call by the officials. Considering Dion Waiters’ blatant push off on Manu Ginobili, though, it’s safe to say the Thunder’s thrilling 98-97 victory over San Antonio will live in infamy more than anything else.

With his team clinging to a one point lead as the fourth-quarter clock read 13.5 seconds, Dion Waiters attempted to inbound the ball from the near sideline. After initially failing to find an open teammate, he lurched forward and gave Manu Ginobili an elbow that provided him the space to make a pass to Kevin Durant.

Despite standing mere feet away, referee Marc Davis – an 18-year veteran – opted against calling an offensive foul on Waiters.

Durant couldn’t quite corral the pass, leading to a steal by the Spurs and a frantic game-ending possession. After Patty Mills’ three-point attempt fell woefully short, LaMarcus Aldridge appeared to grab the rebound but was stripped by the Thunder on his way up to shoot.

Game over.

One possession doesn’t make a game; an outcome is never decided in a manner of several seconds. But even Oklahoma City fans will admit that Monday’s contest clearly shouldn’t have come down to that last-ditch disarray for San Antonio. Waiters, the world knows, got away with a violation.

What do you think, Magic Johnson?