D.J. Stephens Sets NBA Draft Combine Vertical Leap Record: Watch His 12 Best Dunks

Are you serious? Word just broke that University of Memphis forward D.J. Stephens recorded an NBA Draft record 46-INCH VERTICAL LEAP in combine testing. And the dude is 6-5, so it’s not like he’s some crazy Nate Robinson clone or something.

Want to see him work? Check out DJ’s top dunks at Memphis and in AAU:

The 2012 outrageous Thanksgiving inbounds dunk on VCU:

2011 One-hand follow up dunk on Gonzaga. Watch the slow motion replay – he comes from one side to the other side of the rim in mid-air for the dunk:

A one-hand fast break follow up against Xavier in 2012 (again, watch the replays):

On the next page, watch DJ put all of Georgetown on a poster and completely hurdle an opponent…

In 2010, he put all of Georgetown on a poster:

Not a dunk, but he complete hurdles an opposing player to contest a three:

A huge baseline alley oop that Bill Raftery LOVES:

A 2011 off-glass fast break alley oop vs. Austin Peay:

On the next page, DJ gives one of the best Midnight Madness performances you will ever see…

Another one that’s not a dunk, but here he is kissing the rim:

Here’s a high school AAU two-hand alley oop facial:

The most effortless head-above-the-rim alley oop you will ever see:

These two dunks from Memphis Midnight Madness that are just insane:

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