Report: Donovan Mitchell Is ‘Unsettled’ In Utah After Quin Snyder Stepped Down

The Utah Jazz will have a new head coach entering the 2022-23 season, and as a result, old rumors regarding All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell have once again popped up. In the aftermath of Quin Snyder’s resignation as the head coach of the Jazz on Sunday afternoon, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that Donovan Mitchell is “unsettled, unnerved and wondering what it means for the franchise’s future.”

Despite the fact that rumors regarding Snyder’s future have swirled for some time, Mitchell was reportedly caught off guard by his decision, as he had a good relationship with his now-former head coach.

Mitchell considered Snyder a significant part of his reasoning for committing to a five-year maximum contract extension in 2020, and Snyder’s decision to step away on Sunday has left Mitchell “surprised and disappointed,” sources told ESPN.

Mitchell remains fond of Snyder and accepts his reasons for stepping down, but he’s spending the immediate aftermath of Snyder’s decision trying to process what the coach’s loss means in the larger scope for the organization and himself, sources said.

Questions about Mitchell’s future — particularly if he sees himself as a long-term member of the franchise — have been around for some time, but following the start of the team’s offseason, reports indicated that Mitchell is the player around whom Utah wants to build going forward. Despite this report, there is no word about whether or not Mitchell will ask for a trade, or if the next coach of the Jazz will view him as an integral part of their plans.