Dorell Wright Talks Hoops With Snoop, Picks ‘Melo Over KD, ‘Bron & Kobe As Toughest To Defend

We didn’t know about the original comedy music video spoofed in the surreal Mavs video, so it’s not surprising we were ignorant of Snoop Dogg Lion‘s YouTube news network, GGN (Double G News Network). Snoop recently had Dorell Wright on to talk hoops, and Wright revealed his toughest defensive assignment.

The show stops and starts with a number of rambling tangents from an obviously roasted Snoop in his sunglasses, but Dorell was enjoying the light banter. In-between the digressive asides from Snoop, Dorell admitted to getting dunked on by Smush Parker when he was a rookie (he was thankful it occurred in the preseason).

Also, Snoop asked him, of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant, who was the toughest for him to match-up against?

Dorell answered that it was ‘Melo because he’s strong and can muscle defenders out of the way, or if they shrink back from that contact, he can obviously shoot over the top. Wright quickly added KD to the mix, while Snoop laughingly heard it as a slam of Mamba and ‘Bron. We’re pretty sure this is the go-to question for NBA players past and present now, but it can be interesting to hear various takes.

Dorell was pretty accurate in his assessment of ‘Melo.


What do you think about Wright’s choice of ‘Melo?

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