Drake: “I Would Liken Myself To Kevin Durant”

It’s been a big week for Drake. After the release of his sophomore album, Take Care, Drizzy flew across the country to perform at the Google Music launch party in L.A. While backstage at the event, he chatted with Rolling Stone about a few things, including a strange comparison to Kevin Durant.

“I would liken myself to Kevin Durant just based off the fact I think Kevin Durant is somebody who people want him so bad to fall or mess up, but he just consistently delivers,” said Drake. “Every night and all these games he’s playing now, even with the lockout, he just consistently delivers the same highlights, the same amount of points.”

So why is that self-comparison odd? For anyone that knows KD, they know that he’s probably the least divisive player in the NBA. While you can find Democrat-Republican type numbers in the polls for guys like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan, I’ve yet to meet anyone that has something bad to say about The Durantula. There are definitely people who want those other guys to fall or mess up, but other than some diehard Sonics fans, people are generally just cheering for KD.

What do you think? Who would you compare Drake to in the NBA?

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