Drake Proved He’s Not A Very Good Sideline Reporter In An Interview With Kyle Lowry

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Drake is a man of many talents. From music to acting to fashion, he’s a renaissance man of sorts. The Toronto rapper is even a part of the Raptors organization as their “global ambassador,” which basically means he shows up for games and makes some special OVO Raptors gear each year.

While Drake is a Raptors employee, he’s also sponsored by Jordan Brand, so while few would point to a Wednesday night Hornets-Raptors game as a must-see event, Drake made sure to be in attendance to rep for the Raptors but also check in on Michael Jordan’s squad. The Raptors won handily in a 126-113 final, led by a tremendous effort from point guard Kyle Lowry.

Lowry had 36 points, six rebounds, and five assists on the night to lead Toronto to the win, taking advantage of Kemba Walker’s absence for Charlotte. Naturally, having such a strong performance, Lowry was the choice for the Raptors broadcast’s walk-off interview, and Drake decided to try his hand at sideline reporting.

It did not go especially well.

After Drake reads Lowry’s statline off of the video board and Lowry jokes about Drake’s Instagram inspiring him, he asks Lowry about his jersey being untucked in the back and whether it was a fashion statement. It’s a question Lowry found funny and offered up a quality answer to. The problem was Drake at first tilts the mic to Lowry, and then brings it back to him to say “Yeah” and never tilts the mic back, so you can barely hear Lowry talking.

It’s a rookie move from Drake, but also a bit charming. I don’t think he’ll be quitting his day job to join the Sportsnet crew as their lead sideline reporter, but next time he decides to take over an interview, he’ll hopefully learn from this experience and remember to keep the microphone in front of the guy talking.