Draymond Green Isn’t Mad About DPOY Because ‘Al Gore Won The Popular Vote’

On Thursday morning, the NBA announced Kawhi Leonard as the Defensive Player of the Year. Due to missing 18 games, Kawhi was a bit of a dark-horse candidate behind DeAndre Jordan and Draymond Green. Doc Rivers campaigned for weeks on end about Jordan’s DPOY candidacy, while Draymond appeared to be the people’s choice.

Green moved into the people’s hearts by guarding all five positions on the floor while simultaneously talking an incredible amount of trash every night. Draymond’s verbal sparring in the media with Doc Rivers cemented him as the people’s champ. Stephen Curry may be the best player on the Golden State Warriors, but Draymond Green is the heart and soul. He’s beloved and he knows it:

Either Draymond just gave a scathing critique of our nation’s electoral process, or he’s just really locked in on the playoffs. Either way, when your team wins 67 games, awards don’t seem so important anymore.

(Ethan Strauss)